A “portmanteau” is when a new word formed by fusing together two or more parts of existing words. Creative portmanteaus can make for terrific trademarks that are creative and suggestive, and thus capable of strong legal protections and powerful branding.

Here are several examples recently filed in applications with the USPTO (click marks for USPTO records):

  • PLANTIOXIDANTS for Cosmetic preparations for skin care; Cosmetics; Non-medicated skin care preparations
  • GLAMORGANICS for cosmetics
  • MEDEATERRANEO – variety of food products
  • ANIMALLUSIONS – Sculptures made of metal
  • CARTOONVERSATION –  Educational services, namely, providing the development of cartoons for children in the fields of personal and social issues
  • Tofuture logo for Food preparation; Preparation of food and beverages

Mark Image

Portmanteaus are valuable tools for creating good trademarks!

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