Many blogs covering trademarks and IP that are (or were) most insightful and astute than mine have come along both before and after this blog started. Attorneys thinking about starting blogs, and readers of this blog, ask me from time to time about whether they should blog. My answer is always the same – only if you enjoy it. Writing 10 posts or even 100 posts is doable for anyone. Writing consistently for many years is the hardest part of having a blog. Over nearly five years I have written more than 700 posts.

If you are thinking about writing a blog, it is a wonderful fun a rewarding endeavor if you have a voice, a passion, and the diligence to keep writing. There is room for many (and more) blogs covering all aspects of trademark protection and trademark law, and a variety of different perspectives (in house, big firm, small firm, business owner, etc.). The hardest part is the diligence to keep going. When you are busy. When you are tired. When you are on vacation. When you are bored. When you forget. When you remember that you forgot. And not forcing yourself to create content, but letting it come to you when it is (hopefully fairly consistently) ready.

Ron Coleman has written about the topic at his excellent LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® blog far more eloquently.

But I just wanted to put my thoughts down in this blog… since I get asked about so often. Of course, feel free to ask questions in the comments.


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