The following is an edited transcript of my video The Value of a Great Logo.

Great logos can be very powerful marketing tools for big businesses and the smallest of businesses as well. A great logo is memorable and can convey a message about the business, the brand, and the products or services to the customer in a way that the words can’t or that enhance what the words the brand itself would convey. Now, a brand name is always going to be more important to protect than a logo. A logo is easier to modify and is less likely to be infringed or copied. But it still is important—especially if you have a great logo—to protect that logo.

Some examples of great logos: [See video for images]

  • Nike, the swoosh. If I tell you those words, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s simple, it’s powerful, it’s unique. It conveys something about the brand.
  • Amazon has a wonderful logo. The arrow that goes from the A to the Z in the logo could be looked at in one of two ways if you look at it closely. Number one, it forms like a smiley face, so it brings happiness and joy. And number two, it goes from A to Z. It literally links the A to the Z in the word Amazon, and that’s a subtle message about Amazon carrying all types of products from A to Z.
  • The Washington Capital’s hockey team logo has a great use of white space that shows the US Capitol and an eagle at the same time, and it uses the red, white, and blue because it’s Washington DC and patriotic. It stands out, makes an impression, and conveys something about the team.
  • FedEx, another all time great logo. Simple, basic. But uses white space. Did you notice the white space between the E and the X forming an arrow of forward motion? Because FedEx is all about transportation, delivery, and motion. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Great logos are everywhere. They’re on restaurants, they’re on software. Think about all the apps on your phone and those little icons and logos that help you distinguish between the different apps. Great example of the power of logos.

If your brand has a logo that is not yet protected, think about whether it makes sense to file and register the logo. Again, words almost always more important to protect than the logo, But if you have an excellent logo, it is an important part of your intellectual property portfolio to protect and register that logo, grow it as an asset, have tools in case it gets copied, and all of the other great reasons to register a trademark.

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