A client of mine recently wrote a blog post about the name change that their company and brand underwent a few years ago. It was a fascinating perspective to see from the inside as to why their first brand name – which was a very descriptive and not very creative – was not effective in connecting with consumers, and how they ended up with a much stronger, better name.

There are three keys to creating a strong brand. The first key is a creative name. That’s where it starts. The second key is to use it properly to make the brand stand out effectively, to put it in bold or italics perhaps, to use the trademark symbol and the registration symbol ultimately when you receive it, because the third key is to apply for and receive registration from the US patent and trademark office.

This particular client with a bland descriptive name, the name was registered and they used the brand properly, but the brand lacked awareness because it was not a creative name. It did not stand out or resonate with consumers. Similarly, a business with a creative name that uses it properly but has not registered would have a difficult time enforcing trademark rights because they don’t have the trademark registration.

When a brand is creative and is registered but it’s not used prominently or properly, it’s not going to stand out. It’s not going to resonate with consumers also.

If you follow these three keys, you will be on your way to creating a strong brand.

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