I was recently in Times Square in the middle of Manhattan. I can’t imagine any place in the US where one can see more brands – and trademarks – on display at once. It is a 360 degree cornucopia of trademarks, from apparel, to restaurants, to Broadway shows, electronic brands, billboards, costumed characters, and much more.

How does a brand stand apart in such a sea of names and logos? By being unique and creative. Strong brands are much easier to create from a strong foundation. Brand names that a descriptive, or similar to competitors, are not built on a strong foundation and will be much more likely to face legal challenges and difficulty gaining traction with consumers. Great brand names are much more likely to be built from unique and creative names.

To stand out in the sea of brands in Times Square – or anywhere today – is not easy. What are you doing to differentiate your brand from the competition?

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