I enjoy so many things about being a trademark attorney. I’m going to countdown some of my favorite reasons in the next few weeks here on this blog.

Reason #5

Working with an amazing and diverse range of people.  For example, in just the last two weeks I have worked with the following people:

  • law student interns
  • other trademark attorneys
  • officials from the USPTO
  • judges from the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
  • other local business owners in my area (through the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce)
  • clients from a wide range of businesses, including:
    • mobile app developer
    • collectible card maker
    • insurance broker
    • clothing maker
    • consultant
    • drive thru coffee business
    • shoe designer
    • meat consultant
    • animal scent scientist
    • restaurant owner
    • fitness instructor
    • hookah tobacco maker

Interacting with so many smart and entrepreneurial people on a daily basis keeps the work fresh and challenging and new all the time. And enjoyable!

Stay tuned for the rest of my top 5!


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