I read the New York Times story last night about the finish of the Iditarod race in Alaska. The story is quite interesting – Mitch Seavey, the winner this year, is the oldest winner in history and is the father of last year’s winner who was the youngest winner in history!  I must have still been thinking about work, because I began to wonder if Iditarod was a registered trademark.

It turns out that it is! And it is nicely protected with several registrations for the name, slogans, and logo. And the slogans are great (see below). The registrations are owned by the “Iditarod Trail Committee” (with the great address of “Mile 2.2 Knik Goose Bay Road” in Wasilla, Alaska).

The following trademarks are registered at the USPTO by the Committee (click marks for USPTO records):

For more on the race, including coverage of this year’s finish, see www.idtarod.com.


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