September 30th marked the end of the 3rd quarter of 2013, and the end of the USPTO fiscal year for 2013.  The date from the TESS search engine at the USPTO indicates that filings are essentially flat when compared to the same period last year.  In fact, the filing statistics are remarkably static when compared to the same periods last year.

Note that the USPTO had projected a increase in filings of several percent in its projections for the last fiscal year. Perhaps at the upcoming TPAC meeting we will learn whether these apparently flat filing statistics will have any impact on the budget or operations at the trademark office.

New trademark application filings at the USPTO:


First 9 months of 2013: 212,589

First 9 months of 2012: 213,206

3rd quarter of 2013: 78,587

3rd quarter of 2012: 78,151


FY2013: 285,046

FY2012: 285,667


 [Note: All data retrieved via TESS search on on October 11, 2013]

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