Today is widely known as “Cyber Monday” – aka the first workday after the US Thanksgiving holiday when lots of holiday shopping promotions online occur. No one has “Cyber Monday” registered as a trademark in connection with online commerce, presumably because the phrase is clearly used widespread by many and highly descriptive or generic.

Here is a trademark guide to Cyber Monday (click marks for USPTO records):

  • EVERYTHINGCYBERMONDAY – registered for online advertising and related services
  • CYBER MOMDAY – registered for online retail store services and more
  • CYBER-STOCK MONDAY – registered for On-line wholesale store services featuring pet supplies
  • IT’S CYBRA MONDAY – registered for On-line retail store services featuring intimate apparel; Retail store services featuring intimate apparel
  • CYBER MANDAY – registered for Health resort services, namely, providing food and lodging that specialize in promoting patrons’ general health and well-being; resort lodging services; providing temporary housing accommodations
  • CYBER RUNDAY – registered for  Organizing and conducting a running event the proceeds of which are donated to charity; Organizing, arranging, and conducting running events
  • TGI Cyber Monday – registered for  Advertising and commercial information services, via the internet, and related services

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