Tonight, the World Series® matchup between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers kicks off. Both teams have storied histories, and great logos and trademarks. In addition to the obvious team logos, there are mascots, players, stadiums, hot dog names, and more registered. Here is your trademark guide to the 2018 World Series® [click names and logos for USPTO registration records]:

I snapped this photo at a game in LA earlier this summer

Boston Red Sox

Los Angeles Dodgers: The Dodgers have an iconic logo and a lot of history.

Player brands

Some general Major League Baseball marks:

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2 thoughts on “Trademark Guide to the 2018 World Series: Red Sox Nation, Dodger Dog, Fenway Park, Green Monster, Dodgertown, and more

  1. I have been denied permission to reproduce my own embroidered rendition of Fenway Park. If I remove the title, embroidered on the bottom of the piece, is it acceptable? It features the green wall and the citgo sign and I had some pieces reproducted onto note cards, cups and business cards until Zazzle and Cafepress informed me. I have two local printers who will do work for me on note cards and tee shirts. Isn’t Fenway public domain?

    • I can’t answer specific questions here, but I would be glad to discuss more. Did you receive a letter demanding that you stop? Please use my contact page (top right of this page) to send me a message or schedule a call.

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