There are four teams left in the MLB playoffs battling to reach the World Series.  Here is a quick trademark guide:

[click marks for USPTO records]


Kansas City Royals

  • Mark Image
  • Trademark image
  • Mark Image (named after George Brett’s batting average from the 1980 season when Brett batted .390 – the highest average for a full season since Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941)


Baltimore Orioles


San Francisco Giants

  • The interlocking S and F of the Giants is a great design. And the Giants name is relatively unique. But the team lacks any colorful logo or mascot or branding beyond the SF.
  • Trademark image
  • Trademark image

St. Louis Cardinals

  • The Cardinals are another classic team with logos that have barely changed over the decades. The name is fairly unique. The bird logo is quite pleasant.
  • Trademark image
  • Trademark image
  • Trademark image

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