As I detailed yesterday, I submitted a FOIA request to the USPTO for communications and comments regarding the “Trademark Litigation Tactics” study (a.k.a. “bullies study”).

The contents of the box of materials provided by the USPTO was not entirely in order. I have pieced it together and organized the materials as best as I could. Comments come from businesses, individuals, attorneys and organizations. There are also some inter-USPTO email communications about the study, though nothing very substantive.

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Since the request for comments deadline was extended several times by the USPTO, the materials received from the FOIA request do not include all comments.  I previously blogged about Trademark lawyer groups weighing in on “litigation tactics” study.

What do you find most interesting about the comments? In a few days I will post what I find to be the highlights.

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0 thoughts on “Trademark Litigation Tactics comments received via USPTO FOIA Request

  1. I notice that the USPTO did not send you all 79 comments. Any explanation for the less-than-complete response to your request? Will you follow up and request the missing comments?

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