Last week, I wrote about how several dozen trademark applications that were filed last century are still pending at the USPTO. Trademark registration can be a long journey, and trademark protection in general takes a long time and can last a long time. This metaphor is especially timely because I completed the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday (and still quite sore)!

Protecting a trademark has some of the characteristics of running a marathon.

  • You need to prepare in advance:
    • Trademark: Pick a unique name, perform a clearance search.
    • Running: exercise, train, eat properly in advance.
  • Proper fundamentals are helpful:
    • Trademark: a good name is much easier to protect in the short term and the long term.
    • Running: proper striding and technique is key the longer you are running.
  • Doing it yourself is much more difficult than with a “coach”
    • Trademark: using an attorney improves your chances of registration and is likely to reduce your overall risk
    • Running: some guidance in training and getting in shape
  • The race is long:
    • Trademark: Registration takes about 1 year on average. Trademark protection can last for years – or longer.
    • Running: 26.2 miles is a long way unless you are superhuman!
Whether you are running or protecting your trademark, some of the same ingredients are needed for success, like:
endurance, strength, passion, confidence, and avoiding road blocks.
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