As I blogged the other day, I recently obtained a US trademark registration for ERIK PELTON®. Within days of receiving the registration certificate, I received solicitations from:

  • WIPT (World Patents Trademarks) for their “Register of International Patents and Trademarks” – cost for their private directory is $2738
  • UPTS for “Registration of the International Trademark” in their “portal service catalog” at – cost is $2485.08
  • WDTP (Worldwide Database of Trademarks and Patents) for their “Registration of the International Trademark” in the catalogue available at – cost is $2,327

The USPTO thankfully warns registrants and applicants about these scams. But is it enough?

For the full “offers” see the scans of the letters I received below.

Why isn’t the FTC of the USPTO Solicitor General investigating and stopping these blatant scams?


Worldwide database of Trademarks and PatentsImagine Creativity and Inovation

 Trademark Scams September 2013

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