Over the last few months, as he has risen in the presidential primary polls, Donald Trump has inspired many third parties to file trademark applications referencing his name and campaign. Some of them are rather creative. Will they be allowed? Or do they create a false suggestion, or a likelihood of confusion, with the many registered Trump trademarks?  For example, see the applications (and a few registrations the reference older Trump projects) below – click marks for USPTO records:

  • MR TRUMP YOU ARE HIRED! – pending application for Hats; T-shirts
  • Mark Image – pending application for ‘At this time, the mark is on a bumper sticker. But possible placement on hats and T-shirts’
  • Trump: the best card in the deck. – pending application for Advertising signs of cardboard; Advertising signs of paper; Magnetic bumper stickers; Magnetic decals; Magnetic paper; Printed paper signs
  • TRUMP THAT! – pending application for clothing, T-shirts; Hats, footwear, headgear
  • IN TRUMP WE TRUST – pending application for Hats; Pants; Socks; T-shirts; Ties
  • humptydumptytrump – pending application for Athletic apparel, namely, shirts, pants, jackets, footwear, hats and caps, athletic uniforms
  • What About Trump – pending application for Preparation of customized promotional and merchandising materials for others
  • Teflon Trump – pending application for Providing political information about elections
  • Hijo De Trump – Entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibits and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer
  • Americas trump card – pending application for Licensing of advertising slogans and cartoon characters
  • YOU WANT TRUMP ON THAT WALL! YOU NEED TRUMP ON THAT WALL! – pending application for Hats, shirts, jackets, pants. Key rings, nick-nacks, signs, posters, stickers. Floor mats, rugs
  • Lady and the Trump – pending application for shirts
  • Trump Start America – pending application for ‘Tee shirts and paraphernalia. Website’
  • Elect Trump Fire Washington – pending application for Political consultancy; Providing political information about elections; Providing political information, news, and commentary in the field of election campaigns
  • Trump This 2016 – pending application for Hats, T-Shirts
  • I STUMP FOR TRUMP – pending application for Clothing, namely, hats, t-shirts, socks
  • You can’t spell Triumph without Trump – pending application for Golf shirts; Hats; Pullovers; T-shirts
  • Pump for Trump – pending application for Promoting, advertising and marketing of the brands, products, services and online websites of individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations; Promoting, marketing and advertising the brands and goods of others related to all industries, through all public and private communication means, namely, promoting the brands and goods of others made in the United States; Social media strategy and marketing consultancy focusing on helping clients create and extend their product and brand strategies by building virally engaging marketing solutions
  • THE DONALD – pending application for Beer funnel and tubing sold together as a unit for drinking beer; Beer glasses; Beer jugs; Beer mugs; Beverageware; Ceramic figurines; Coffee cups, tea cups and mugs; Combs; Cookie jars; Cookie molds; Dishes; Dishware; Drinking bottles for sports; Drinking cups for babies and children; Drinking flasks; Drinking glasses; Electric hair combs; Electric tooth brushes; Foam drink holders; Hair combs; Hair picks; Hair, nail and tooth brushes; Hairbrushes; Ice cube molds; Lunchboxes; Paper plates and paper cups; Piggy banks; Plastic plates; Plastic water bottles sold empty
    • NOTE: The Donald, LLC filed for more than 10 recent trademark applications featuring “The Donald”
  • Mark Image– pending application sports caps and hats
  • YOU’RE FIRED –  Providing studio facilities for paint your own pottery and create your own mosaics; Providing do-it-yourself ceramic studio facilities with precast ceramic pottery that is painted on-site by customers and then glazed and/or kiln-fired; and Providing do-it-yourself studio facilities with mosaic tiles that are pieced together to create mosaics on-site by customer
  • YOU’RE HIRED – board game
  • THE PRESIDENTIAL APPRENTICE – pending application for Coffee mugs; Drinking glasses, namely, tumblers; Baseball caps; Sweat shirts; T-shirts

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