President Trump has taken to calling the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, “Rocket Man.” No doubt, as with any political or pop culture trend lately, several new trademark filings are likely.

But did you know that there are already multiple trademark registrations for ROCKET MAN at the USPTO?

  • ROCKET MAN – registered since 1993 for backpack drink dispensers
  • ROCKET MAN – registered since 1996 for fireworks
  • ROCKET MAN – registered since 2012 for gaming machines
  • Rocketman – registered since May 2017 for Entertainment services, namely, live, televised, documentary and feature film appearances by a professional entertainer; entertainment in the nature of live performances by individual who flies using a propulsion apparatus; entertainment services in the nature of an on-going reality based television program; entertainment services, namely, providing a web site featuring photographic, audio, video, prose and streamed presentations featuring performances by an individual who flies using a propulsion apparatus
  • ROCKET MAN – registered since August 29, 2017 for Baseball caps; baseball caps and hats; shirts; shirts and short-sleeved shirts; sports bra; sports bras; sports caps and hats; sweat pants; sweat shirts; sweatshirts; underwear; briefs; hooded sweatshirts; hooded sweat shirts; ladies’ underwear; long-sleeved shirts; men’s underwear; short-sleeve shirts; short-sleeved shirts; short-sleeved or long-sleeved T-shirts; T-shirts; tee shirts; tee-shirts; women’s underwear


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