What do blue football fields (Boise State University), brown delivery trucks (UPS), marching ducks (Peabody Hotels), outdoor lighting displays (Holiday Inn), and a Statue of Liberty costume (Liberty Tax Service) all have in common? They are all non-traditional trademarks registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. So too are a variety of sounds, colors, and even scents. 

Want to learn more about Non-Traditional Trademarks? 

I am conducting a webinar next week for the Association of Intellectual Property Firms (AIPF) on January 25th at 12:30 PM EST. Anyone can register – you do not need to be a member (although there is a fee for non-members).

Registration of non-trademarks in the U.S. has increased significantly in recent years. This webinar will explore the history of non-traditional trademark registration, along with the legal and practical issues involved. We will also survey the spectrum of non-traditional trademarks that are protectable and review special considerations for the application process involving non-traditional trademarks.

For more about the WebIPHour™ or register see the full webinar listing here.

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