Kudos to our colleagues from Leason Ellis. As reported in May of 2013, they sued a trademark scam outfit, Patent & Trademark Agency, LLC for sending misleading trademark solicitations. And now, the case has been settled and and the scammers will cease operations, according to a report from Law360.  According to the report:

The agreement bans Organesjans and his company from involvement in offering trademark registration or renewal services, or marketing such services. It likewise bans them from offering services assisting people and businesses in other intellectual property-related activities.

Trademark applicants and registrants should be extremely skeptical of any communications that are not from their counsel or from the USPTO directly. Many others mine the public data and send emails and/or mailings with dubious offerings. Some of them appear to intentionally mimic government correspondence.

Well done, Leason Ellis. Thank you for protecting trademark owners everywhere.

For more information about other trademark scam solicitations, see my post:
USPTO warns about 13 trademark scam operations


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