I will be speaking in Washington D.C. next month as part of the  March 25 seminar, The Brand Building Workshop: Creating a Magnet in the Marketplace, presented by consultant and author Seth Kahan.  I will be discussing the topic: Leveraging Your Brand’s Intellectual Property.

Seth recorded an interview with me this week previewing the seminar in which I discussed topics such as:

  • Trademark vs Copyright – what each is, how and when to use them.
  • How to Trademark and how to copyright
  • Basic services and their fees
  • What makes a good, strong trademark
  • How to use trademarking to enhance the strength and value of your brand

The full interview is available on his blog at: http://freelancefortune.wordpress.com/2010/02/19/trademark-lawyer-erik-pelton-interviewed/

The interview is a good discussion of the importance and value of having a good trademark, and why simple steps to create, identify, and protect trademarks and copyrights will help a business market itself and add value to the business.  Whether your business is in the field of consulting, restaurants, toys, law firm, the same concepts apply.  What business would not benefit from a strong brand that drives customers, helps it stand out from its competitors, and that increases the bottom line for the business?

For details regarding the March 25th seminar, see: http://freelancefortune.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/brand-building-2010-mar-25.pdf

Seth is an inductee of Alan Weiss’ Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame, the author of the Fast Co blog, Leading Change (SethFast.com) and contributor to the Washington Post
On Success (SethPost.com).  His blog and newsletter, FreelanceFortune, provides guidance for succeeding as an independent agent. For more information about Seth and his writings, see:





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