An appeal of the USPTO’s cancellation of the Redskins trademark registrations is still pending in Virginia. Around the time of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board’s ruling last year, there were several trademarks filed for other Washington football team names by a variety of other parties. Some of these applications appear to be commentary on the football team and/or the situation with the Redskins name.

In May of 2014, an individual in Maryland filed to register Washington Redspears asserting a bona fide intent to use the name use with “Entertainment services, namely, an ongoing series featuring football games provided through cable television, television broadcast, webcasts, radio broadcasts; Entertainment in the nature of football games.” The application was approved by the USPTO.  And now the Washington Redskins (actually the entity that owns them, Pro-Football, Inc.) and NFL Properties have stepped forward to file a notice of opposition to the registration of Washington Redspears.

Opposition No. 91220582

Perhaps the case will be suspended pending the outcome of the “Redskins” appeal — because it would appear that if the Redskins are stripped of their trademark registration it could affect their claims. Note that I did not say it would ruin their claims. They can still argue they have common law rights in their marks. Would the TTAB acknowledge their common law rights?

This could be another interesting twist in the long saga of the Redskins trademarks.

Trademark image

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One thought on “Washington Redskins oppose registration of Washington Redspears trademark

  1. Redspears would save tradition, save history and prevent a new fight song. And if they move to Oklahoma City it would go like this….

    Hail to the Redspears, hail victory
    brave on the warpath,
    fight for O K C!!!

    has a nice ring.

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