Who owns the three letter airport codes? The FAA? The individual airport authorities? Anheuser-Busch?

According to Wikipaedia, the codes are provided by the International Air Association Transport Association.

Anheuser-Busch recently filed several dozen applications based on an intent to use airport abbreviation codes for “beer”.  See list and links below – click TARR link for USPTO records. 

I can think of several potential legal challenges to registration of these marks.  I wonder how Anheuser-Busch intends to use them?

Serial No. Mark USPTO  TARR Link
85618256 SNA TARR
85618253 SDF TARR
85618250 BWI TARR
85618247 AUS TARR
85618246 RDU TARR
85618242 AGS TARR
85618240 LAS TARR
85618239 SAN TARR
85618236 SEA TARR
85618234 MKE TARR
85618232 MSY TARR
85613273 MDW TARR
85613269 HOU TARR
85612279 STL TARR
85613284 BOS TARR
85613279 PHL TARR
85613276 DEN TARR
85613275 MIA TARR
85612409 MCO TARR
85612385 DTW TARR
85612379 ORL TARR
85612363 ORD TARR
85612157 ATL TARR
85611872 LAX TARR
85612141 PHX TARR
85612140 MCI TARR
85612137 OKC TARR
85612129 MEM TARR
85612125 BHM TARR
85612119 SFO TARR
85612044 IAH TARR
85611988 MSP TARR
85611987 CMH TARR
85611983 CVG TARR
85611976 BNA TARR
85611756 SAT TARR
85611754 DCA TARR
85611746 IAD TARR
85611733 JFK TARR
85611971 SMF TARR
85611957 DFW TARR
85611923 LGA TARR

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