I recently created and launched a new slogan. MAKING TRADEMARKS BLOOM SINCE 1999™. [Wordpress has a ™ symbol character available and a ®, but not one for ‘SM’] 

This slogan does not replace an old one. Our other slogan – Experience is our trademark. Trademark is our experience. – gets rave reviews and it on business cards, letterhead, website, etc. 

So why a new slogan? I recently decided to created some promotional products to share with clients, prospects, and other trademark attorneys. Then I found a great product, one that I thought would likely be unique in the field of trademarks: flower seeds.

So I ordered some custom seed backs with our firm logo, contact information and my photo. And I wanted to add something about being in business since 1999. And it hit me: Making trademarks bloom since 1999.

Here are the steps I took in creating, launching and protecting our new slogan:

– We decided that adding a slogan to some marketing materials – specifically the promotional seed packets – which communicated something about our service for more than a decade would be a nice addition to the materials.

– I quickly brainstormed possible slogan ideas that touched on the message. Ultimately, I settled on the slogan making trademarks bloom since 1999.SM   The slogan excited me because it capture growth, energy, positive feelings, and more than a decade of history. And it tied in perfectly with the seed packets.

–  I searched to make sure no one was using a similar slogan in our field, and we searched the USPTO trademark records to make sure no one had registered or filed for anything similar.

– I made sure to use proper trademark notice as we began using the slogan – using ‘SM’ on the right should and bold or italics when using it amidst other text to make it stand out. The seed packet maker did not have the capability to but the SM on the packaging, so I have to make sure to use the ‘SM’ when possible in print and online.

– I filed to register the slogan with the USPTO and received application Serial No. 85625428.

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