Earlier this month, someone filed a new application to register this trademark.

Trademark image

The application (Serial Number 86411556) is likely to be refused for a variety of reasons.

The application appears to have been filed without an attorney.

Here are some of the potential issues with the application:

  • The drawing of the trademark, above, shows five trademarks, not one. That is not allowed.
  • The entity that filed the application is listed as “Ebola-C” an Alaska corporation. Most states require a corporation to have Inc. or Corp. in the name, and it appears from the records of the state of Alaska that the full name of the corporation is Ebola-C, Inc.
  • The evidence of use filed by the applicant (here) is likely faulty because (a) it does not show the mark in the drawing, and (b) it does not show the mark used in commerce in connection with the goods.

If your brand is worth protecting, isn’t it worth doing it right? Isn’t it worth hiring an experienced attorney to gain the best protection and ensure the government filing fee is not wasted?

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