The following is an edited transcript of my video 5 Free Ways to Strengthen Your Brand.

Here are five free things that any business can do to strengthen their brand. No matter how long your brand has been around, whether you have a hundred customers or a million customers, you can do these things.

  1. Use the proper symbol for your trademark. If you have a registration, use the ® prominently with your brand. If you don’t, you can use TM or SM. More about7 proper symbol usage can be found in this video at
  2. Be consistent in how you use your brand. Your colors, your logo, your font can help your brand engage and stick in the minds of customers. You want this consistency. For more about that, check out this video on style guides, which can help with consistency and other tips about using your trademarks.
  3. Register your brand as usernames on social media platforms. Maybe you never intend to use your brand at all on any platform. It doesn’t matter. If somebody else gets it and somebody else uses it, that’s going to potentially impact your brand, so proactively go out and get those usernames.
  4. Be on the lookout for infringements. You can search online. You can search the USPTO on a regular basis. If you find a potential infringement, I would recommend you talk to an attorney to consider what actions might be taken. But the first free step is to monitor for those possible infringements.
  5. Consider your brand’s message: Be authentic with your messaging. We find today that more and more brands are losing that authenticity because they’re sharing so much information in a variety of manners, and now we have the rise of AI being used to help create marketing. What makes brands strong and stand out in my opinion, is those with authentic messages that connect to the people behind the brand and therefore connect to the consumer or client.

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