At a recent hockey game, I stumbled upon some brilliant marketing and holistic branding. As detailed in the photos below, the concession stand ketchup and mustard are Heinz brand — as you can tell from the logo on the front. Did you notice that the shape of the entire condiment case was the Heinz keystone?

The keystone shape is registered by Heinz. It appears on most or all of their labels. And it has great meaning. Pennsylvania, the home of Heinz, is the “keystone” state.  It is simple. It is unique. It has meaning and a story behind it. It symbolizes strength and significance. I love it.

And Heinz uses it everywhere – which they should. To show off their brand.  The purpose of trademark law is to communicate the source of the goods to consumers.  The Heinz keystone does just that.

photo 1

photo 2

 What is the keystone of your business? Does your brand – brand name, logo, slogan – capture it in some way?

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