The following is an edited transcript of my video, Why You Should Check Trademark Registration Renewal Deadlines Now.

I want to share two important reasons why trademark owners should think about their renewal deadlines right now.  With trademark renewal deadlines at the USPTO, there is no reminder of the expiration of the renewal period. The USPTO sends a reminder to the email of record at the beginning of the renewal period, but there is no reminder at the end of the renewal period. So it’s always good to docket and know the renewal expiration date.

The second reason why it’s very important and valuable to check your renewal deadlines right now if you own trademark registrations, is that there are a plethora of scams out there sending mail and emails to trademark owners with misleading information about the trademark renewals. To make sure you’re not taken by one of those scams or misled, check your renewal dates so that you know them.

For more on how to check the deadlines, see my post Checking for trademark registration renewal deadlines (or video version here).

Put them in your calendar on your computer or however you track your important dates: you’ll know once for certain when the real deadline is, instead of having to worry about misleading scams that claim deadlines that false and often claim to be even before the registration is eligible to be renewed. For more on trademark scams, see Is This a Trademark Scam?®

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