Another scam targeting trademark owners, this one from ITP. It looks remarkably just like the one that was from ITR.

The offer, for $1340, is for inclusion in a publication. A publication with essentially no real value. I have never heard any trademark professional recommend inclusion in such a publication; nor any trademark professional use such a publication for any research.

They are incomplete and unofficial. They do not add to your trademark’s protection in any meaningful way.

If you have been taken by this scam, I suggest that you file a complaint with the FTC, write a letter to the USPTO Commissioner, and contact law enforcement.

Beware of such scams. Read the fine print. Contact your attorney. Report scams to the FTC and USPTO.

For more on such scams, see:

Trademark owners take heed, there are many scams that target trademark applicants and registrants. In the video, below learn more about how to identify these scams.

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11 thoughts on “Beware of scam from ITP (formerly ITR)

  1. Received letter from ITP yesterday asking to pay 1320 EUR for their private data base. Didn’t sound right to me. Thanks for confirming.

  2. Thank you! I received a letter last week from ITP and decided to search this out. That lead me to your website. Calling my attorney now.

  3. Thank you so much! I just received this same letter from these aholes and knew something wasnt right and felt it was a Scam. Was pleased to come across your website. How have they not been caught yet?…. someone needs to pick up these checks at this location right?

  4. We just received one in the mail the other day from WTP. It is the same form as listed above. Thankfully I came across this when my manager flagged it. Otherwise the check would have gone out in the mail tomorrow. Hopefully they get caught soon!

  5. I just received “Publication of Trademark” from WTP. The postage is from Prioritaire, Deutsche Post on the upper right corner of the envelope (Red Flag). They were looking for a check for $1,380 payable to WTP Service for Reproduction of Trademark. This letter looks real, but I knew better. I googled the address 8345 NW 66 ST Miami, FL which is a post office box!
    Don’t be fooled…

  6. Thank God I checked your website before doing anything. I receiving a letter requesting 1420 USD.
    It looked sketchy to me so I decided to research it first and boom.
    Thank you!!!

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