I received yet another scam related to one of the trademark registrations I own. This one comes from IP Data (www.ip-data.biz).

The solicitation makes little if any sense. They actually appear to disclaim any connection other worthless registry services. They appear to be based in the Czech Republic. A copy of their offering is below.

Their offering costs $2,327. Is it worth a single dollar? Has any trademark attorney, judge, or trademark office consulted their “register” for anything?  I doubt it.




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9 thoughts on “Beware of trademark scam from IP Data for "Register of the International Trademark"

  1. I received this and another scam from UPTS (upts.org) for 2419.66.

    The return address of Prague, Czech Republic was a dead giveaway.

  2. Interesting how they present the “offer” as a renewal. As if to convince the recipient that the charge has been paid for previous years It must be legitimate if we are “renewing”, right?

  3. I got two of these – for patents, not for trademarks. One from http://www.ip-data.biz and one from IPTO. Seems that what you get for the $2000+ fee is entry in their patent “registry”. Kind of like having your very own star listed in the international star registry.

  4. I also received the exact same invoice from IP Data. It’s a scam, not legit. I get bills like this pretending to renew patents a couple times a year. Scammers.

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