In a global health and economic crisis, it is easy to focus on the narrow tasks in front of us, and the vast amount of news surrounding us 24/7. But for me – as a trademark aficionado and counsel to brands – it is reassuring to know that creativity still abounds. Just last week, on a single day, more than 1,000 trademark applications were filed, including these creative ones [click mark or logo for USPTO records]:

  • BAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE for bakery products
  • Mark Image for tools
  • ROMEO & CHOCOLETTE for Cheese-based desserts
  • Mark Image for scientific study and research in the field of Ophthalmology…
  • THE BUNKER SHOT ON THE 19TH HOLE for Alcoholic fruit cocktail drinks
  • Mark Image for soccer games
  • PAWS AND POURS for Conducting entertainment exhibitions in the nature of wine and beer sampling in the company of your pet
  • Mark Image for Heritage resource management; cultural heritage and science services; archaeological services; historic preservation services

These are just a few examples of the many creative names and logos filed in just a single day last week. Creativity won’t go away, and neither will brands or trademark protection. In fact, the opportunities for brands to flourish as the economy begins to grow again are likely to be quite good – and easier than they were in the boom of a few months ago.

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