Filmmaker James Lantz is making a documentary movie, A Defiant Dude, about Bo Muller-Moore – the “Eat More Kale” guy – and his trademark dispute with Chik-fil-A®.

The film project was launched via Kickstarter, with nearly 2,000 people having pledged a total of $89,000 to help fund it. See a trailer for the film project here.

I was interviewed earlier this week by James and his crew for nearly 2 hours. We held the interview at Clare and Don’s Beach Shack®, a local Falls Church small business owned by my wife Rebecca Tax and her brother David Tax. Below are some photos from the film shoot.

Regardless of what you think about trademark bullies and about the Eat More Kale situation, one thing is for sure: Eat More Kale, with a Facebook page featuring thousands of followers and now a crowd-sourced film project , is an example of how social media has the potential to affect trademark disputes.

The story and the issues at play are important, and it looks like James is committed to telling the story in an in-depth and informative manner. I can’t wait to see the film and share with you more of what I said about trademark bullies, small businesses, and the value of trademarks.  Stay tuned!


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