Amidst the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic this week that is limited or shuttering many economies and industries, I received a trademark scam offer IPS Intellectual Property Services. See below.

These scammers will stop stop at nothing. This offering bogus and a scam. Here are few reasons:

  • It has limited or no real value.
  • There is nothing for “renewal” despite the heading.
  • It is not from any government agency (but made to look like one).
  • It is outrageously priced.
  • It is not clear what service is offered? Presumably their own directory/registration, which is worthless and never consulted by anyone.
  • It claims their database has 3 million records. These are presumably found in public records.
  • The agreement with IPS is governed by the law of Czech Republic.
  • And the cost is $2356 for this worthless service!

I first blogged about this IPS scam a few months ago. Let’s hope the USPTO and other authorities will shut this down ASAP. But given that many other scams preying on trademark owners have been around for a while and continue unabated, I wouldn’t be too optimistic. So BEWARE!

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