Even in a time of crisis, new businesses are launched every single day. In fact, many new businesses are being sparked as a result of this crisis – new ways to connect online, new telehealth products, new drone and 3-D printing technologies and uses, and much more.

Here are 3 based trademark tips for anyone starting a business right now:

  1. Conduct a thorough and proper trademark clearance search before choosing a brand name. And before searching, brainstorm properly to develop creative and bold brand names.
  2. Apply to register as soon as possible with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The name does not yet have to be in use, in fact where applicable it is even better to apply based on “intent to use” while the business is in development.
  3. Use the trademark – and the appropriate symbol – properly. Make it stand out with bold or italics or colors, and use TM or SM while registration is pending.

These three tips are are critical to make sure that the brand is build on a strong foundation, with solid legal protections. .

Read much more about all these topics in my book, Building A Bold Brand: The Foundations of Trademark Protection.

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