As we celebrate Thanksgiving holiday today, there are many things to be thankful.

For fun, here are a few Thanksgiving themed trademark registrations:

  • Thanksgiving Farm – wine
  • Thanksgiving Day Dinner – pet food
  • – Charitable services, namely, coordination of the procurement and distribution of food donations and sporting goods donations directly to needy families or indirectly through other not-for-profit organizations
  • – Poultry, namely, turkey
  • – Association services, namely promoting the interests of turkey conservationists and sportspersons
  • HAWLLOWTHANKSMAS – Calendars; Greeting cards; Paper party decorations; Postcards
  • TURKEY SLAYER – shotguns and parts thereof
  • MACY’S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE – entertainment services, namely, organizing and conducting a parade
  • PILGRIM’S FEED – Animal feed
  • GOBBLZ! – Bakery and confectionary goods, namely– brownies, blondies, squares, cookies, shortbread cookies, whoopie pies, scones, chocolates, low carbohydrate bakery and candy goods
  • GobbleBox – Dissemination of advertising for others via the Internet; Marketing, promotional and advertising services provided by mobile telephone connections
  • PUMPKIN PIE – hair products, namely, shampoos; and bath products, namely, gels, and bubble bath
  • TURKEY TESTICLE FESTIVAL – arranging parties for others having a Thanksgiving theme
  • AMERICAN MAYFLOWER LIFE – life insurance underwriting services
  • America’s Turkey Trot – Entertainment services, namely, participation in foot races; and organizing community foot race sporting and cultural events, all performed on or around Thanksgiving Day
  • OPERATING THANKSGIVING EAGLE – Charitable services, namely, providing books to children and families, including children and families of the US military; education services, namely, providing classes, seminars, lectures and workshops in the field of American history and the Thanksgiving holiday; presentation of live musical performances; conducting book signings
  • Vehicles, namely, trucks; truck chassis; roasted chicken [Description: The mark consists of the design of a truck with the part of a chicken on the top of the truck.]
  • – Meat, poultry, and game, namely, processed chicken and turkey, and deli meats

and my favorite, made famous by John Madden:

  • More favorites blogged last Thanksgiving here

What are your favorite Thanksgiving trademarks?

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