This month, Pizza Hut unveiled an updated logo.  Why?  The brand needs a facelift. But the logo re-design is only a tweak.  It “flattens” the prior logo, and puts it inside a circle.

The new logo falls flat. It is not very different. It is not very exciting. It does little to communicate a new message.  While the old logo was certainly not terrific, I liked the colors in it.  The new logo to me says: roof, pizza. Of course, just about everyone already knows that Pizza Huts have their signature building roof shape, and that they make pizza. The new logo misses the opportunity to say something more.

Five years ago, I wrote about Pizza Huts shift to going by “The Hut” in some of its marketing. That was apoor decision too.

Tip: If you feel your brand need a logo change, make a real change that reflects the brand. The cost of designing the new logo, updating signs, changing menus or packaging, can be substantial. If investing in a new logo, make it some new that can really enhance the brand.

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