One of the first blog posts I wrote was on this subject. It is basic and brief – but very important!

  1. Choose Wisely – The more creative your brand name is, the greater the odds that it is unique.  More distinctive and create name or slogan is generally more capable of standing out among the competition and becoming a brand with real value. Which sounds like a more exciting brand, a more valuable brand: “Jim’s Gym” or “Vantage Fitness“? “Cincinnati Frozen Yogurt” or “fraîche”? “Joe’s Pizza” or “Pie-tanza” “” or “Google”?
  2. Use it – The more prominently you use your trademarks – brand names, logos and slogans – the stronger and more distinctive they become and the more your likely customers are to remember your brand and to use it to tell others about it.
  3. Distinguish It – Use ALL CAPS, bold or italics to emphasize your brand as often as you can.  Then the customer knows exactly what your brand is.
  4. Register it – Registration provide enhanced legal and practical protection and increases the dollar value of your trademark assets.
  5. Create Google Alerts – An easy and free way to monitor for others copying your brand or commenting on it.  If you find a possible infringement, contact an attorney.
  6. Enforce it – When your trademark is violated, take action quickly. If you don’t care enough about your brand to fight for it, why should the customers care? Taking quick action generally leads to quicker, better, cheaper resolution of the problem.
  7. Think outside the trademark box – Are there sounds, shapes, colors, patterns, uniforms, or other ‘nontraditional’ trademarks being used to help make your brand stand apart?  If so, highlight and protect them.

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