I get asked all the time: “Can I file a trademark application by myself?”

The simple answer is yes.  No attorney is necessary. But just because you can does not mean that you should.  [Of course, I recognize that my position is biased, since I have helped clients obtain more than 1,500 trademark registrations!]

A recent article by Peter Blunt in the Wall Street Journal captures many of the reasons doing everything our selves is not always best, even though the article has nothing to do with trademarks.

Do It Yourself, Do It Poorly? (WSJ)

“The real problem with, say, do-it-yourself wedding photography is that the photos look like they were taken with Aunt Julia’s cell phone, because they were. We self-publish our own books, and they read that way. We teach ourselves Spanish on the Internet and then wonder why we can’t even order a taco.”

By attempting to do it yourself, you may cause more problems than your began with. You may incur more expenses than you would have by hiring a professional from the start. You might be increasing the odds of litigation. And you might not be protecting your trademark at all.

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