Here are some of many things your business does NOT need to have a great trademark:

marketing department

corporate attorney

physical offices



thousands of customers

millions of dollars

celebrity endorsements

television advertising


social media pages

board of directors

In fact, all you need is some creativity and wit. It is helpful if you also take a few minutes to search and make sure the name is unique.  Even more helpful if you file to register it. Even more helpful if you hire an experienced trademark attorney to handle the registration process.

But all you need is a great name.  Two very small, very local examples:

FROG AND TOWED auto wrecker/towing services in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  How could you forget a unique, playful creative name like that?


FISHIN… NOT WISHIN is the slogan for a small fishing lodge in remote Maine just steps from the Canadian border. The slogan is great because it is fun, it is fun to say, and it captures the spirit of the place.

If you don’t have a great trademark – brand name, slogan, and/or logo…. what’s your excuse?

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