Today I filed to amend a description of services for a client with the USPTO. The trademark in question is STRATEGIC SIMPLICITY (this information is all in the public records).

The ID we filed with the application originally was: business consulting, management consulting. The USPTO was unhappy with the phrase management consulting  but indicated that it would accept business management consulting. (Forget for a moment that the “business” part was very strongly implied based on the other language in the ID and the fact that it was in Class 35, it is not the point of this post.)

I filed the Office Action Response with TEAS electronically today. The PDF filing receipt generated by the USPTO is four pages. The only change in the entire application was to insert the word business to the description of services.

The USPTO could benefit a lot from simplicity when it comes to streamlining its filing processes from head to toe to make them more simple, more clear, and less wasteful.

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