The following is an edited transcript of my video Top Tips for Avoiding Trademark Scams

No matter how many times I speak, post, and warn about them, scams are everywhere, and I get messages from people who are receiving scams almost every week.

  • Tip #1 for avoiding trademark scams is know your registration renewal dates. Many scams try to get you to renew your trademark long before it’s even possible, so if you know the renewal dates, you can avoid those.
  • Tip #2 to avoid trademark scams is to keep your phone number out of the USPTO public records. New scams are coming through via phones where scammers are calling and pretending to be USPTO examiners. If you leave your phone number out of the USPTO public records, that scam can likely be avoided entirely.
  • Tip #3 is check online for any information about something you receive and you’re not sure whether or not it’s a scam. Google the address, the name, more information about it. You can always go to to help identify and warn against scammers.

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