The following is an edited transcript of my book video Building a Bold Brand Chapter 2: Bold Brand Building Tools.

Coming up with a great name for a new business, product, or service can be quite difficult, even more so today than in the past since there are so many already out there, and because any business can go online and almost instantaneously be considered a national or international company. In addition, having a corresponding domain name is generally valuable, which may further reduce the number of available names.

There are a few naming concepts that are great resources for bold brands and strong trademarks:

  • alliteration (the repetition of a sound in multiple words)
  • rhymes (corresponding sounds between words or their endings)
  • portmanteaus (a new word is formed by fusing together two or more parts of existing words)
  • puns (a creative and fun way to make a memorable brand)
  • double entendres (play off of words that are capable of more than one meaning or interpretation)
  • telescoping words (overlapping two terms)
  • creative spelling (lends creativity and zest to a name)
  • provocative phrases (make the viewer stop and think)

Portmanteaus, double entendres, and puns are useful naming tools because they often lead to suggestive brand names, which are generally the best and my favorite.

For more, see Introducing: the Building a Bold Brand Wheel

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