Today is the day the U.S. votes for its next President. This election seems to have lasted longer and featured more developments than any I can remember. And it has spawned a number of memes and words and phrases that have made appearances in the records of the USPTO trademark application filings.

Here are some of the many trademark filings from 2015 and 2016 that relate to the election (click marks for USPTO records):

Note that the great majority of these will never become registered for a variety of reasons, including false association with a living individual (without their consent).

Additionally, there are dozens of applications that are plays on the “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” slogan:

All in all, Donald Trump may have more trademarks than all the previous presidential candidates combined – he has more than 100 registrations and pending applications. Here is a rundown of some of the most interesting Trump related marks (click each mark for USPTO records):

  • TRUMP GOLF LINKS – clothing, golf course and club house services, and more
  • EMPIRE BY TRUMP – Cologne; fragrances; after-shave lotions; deodorant for personal use; bath gel
  • TRUMP – pending application for Political action committee services, namely, promoting public awareness of political issues; Fundraising in the field of politics
  • TRUMP – limousine services
  • SELECT BY TRUMP – coffee
  • MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN –  Political action committee services, namely, promoting public awareness of political issues; Fundraising in the field of politics
  • UNITED STATES POKER CHAMPIONSHIP – Entertainment services featuring games of chance, namely, card tournaments
  • TRUMP – gambling services
  • SUCCESS BY TRUMP – Cologne; fragrances; after-shave lotions; deodorant for personal use; soaps for hand, face and body; bath gel
  • TRUMP HOME – Toothbrush holders; soap dishes; drinking glasses, namely, tumblers; lotion dispensers; soap dispensers; cotton ball jars; trays not of precious metal; ceramic tissue box covers; Bed blankets; duvets; duvet covers; bed skirts; quilts; pillow shams; comforters; shower curtains; towels; wash cloths
  • DJT – Restaurant services; bar services; food and drink service
  • Mark Image-Real estate development and construction of commercial and residential properties
  • TRUMP PLAZA – casino services
  • TRUMPTINI – Prepared alcoholic cocktail
  • TRUMP TYCOON – computer game programs
  • TRUMP – Breakfast cereals; cereal derived food bars; corn chips; cocoa; coffee; granola snack bars; cereal-based snack foods; grain-based snack foods; processed cereal-based food to be used as a breakfast food, snack food or ingredient for making other foods; tea; herbal tea; tea-based beverages with fruit flavoring
  • TRUMP CARD –  Magnetic-coded cards used in connection with marketing, and customer incentives
  • FIFTH AVENUE – casino services
  • Mark Image– jewelry

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