I wrote Building a Bold Brand: The foundations of trademark protection, because I’ve learned so much in my 20 years of working in the field of trademarks, and watching and helping small businesses, and all types of businesses build brands, start new brands, expand their businesses, and grow over time. I wanted to take what I’ve seen, and what I’ve learned in my practice, and what I’ve learned from my clients, and share it with the world in written word in this book. What makes it unique is that it is really a dual small business perspective, because at the same time that I’ve been working with small businesses to build their brands for 20 years, I’ve also been working on my own to build my own business, and my own brand.

I started working without an office, holding down a part-time job bartending at night, so that I could take all the money that I made in my law practice and invest it right back into the practice. Now I’ve grown that to have a staff of several, and a web presence, and social media, and registered more than 3,000 trademarks at the USPTO for clients.

The book is fundamentally about what businesses need to know to create, and build strong, protected, bold brands. I want to share with you a little bit about the content. The book has five sections.

  • In the first section, we discuss how to launch a bold brand, talking about naming tools, the spectrum of trademarks, and the value of a proper trademark search.
  • The second section is dedicated to the trademark registration process. Of course, this is where the core of my experience comes from as a former USPTO examiner, and as counsel for so many brands.
  • The third section is about properly using and maintaining a trademark.
  • The fourth section talks about special considerations for different industries, like food trucks, authors, consultants, cannabis or CBD brands, and other industries where I’ve got a lot of experience, and where there are certain nuances to building and protecting a strong brand.
  • And finally, the fifth section of the book is packed with resources for the reader to explore more about building a bold brand, and protecting the trademark, and it’s has all kinds of tools and resources.

Altogether, the book is about 120 pages. It’s packed with information, but it’s not an exhausting, tremendous read. I think you’ll find it tremendously valuable. It comes from that dual perspective of having helped build so many brands, and at the same time, helped build my own brand since 1999 working with so many trademark owners.

I’m really excited to share the book with the world. You can buy it, get a sneak peek, or learn more about it at my website devoted to the book, that’s at www.BuildingABoldBrand.com.

I’d also love to hear your feedback after you read it. You could leave a review or Amazon, or a comment here on this post, and let me know what you found the most valuable from the book.

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