It has been a little while since I’ve seen a WTMR, LLC scam mailing. But a client forwarded this “WTMR 2022 OFFER” letter to me last week. The services are worthless. The $980.00 is a scam. The address listed in PO Box 22546 in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33335-2546.

Their address has changed several times over the years.

The “Word Trademark Register” is not any official database or directory. It has no real benefits. It was essentially created for the purpose of taking people’s money. According to their website, “Our main business activity is to publish the World TradeMark Register Catalog, which is an annual, unofficial, international catalog of registered trademarks.” In essence, they acknowledge the directory has no real value or purpose.

I have never once met a trademark attorney that uses such directories for any searches or other purposes, or one recommends to his or her clients that they pay these fees. The address provided is a shared virtual office space.

Don’t be taken for this scam to the tune of $980.00 USD.

Beware of such scams. Read the fine print. Contact your attorney. Report scams to the FTC and USPTO.

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9 thoughts on “Beware of continuing trademark scam from WTMR, now with Fort Lauderdale address

  1. Yup. We received the exact same scam. Thank you for you blog and keeping it updated. When I Googled this company, your blog was one of the first sites listed. Very helpful, so thank you.

    For the record, every time I receive one of these scammy solicitations I sent a copy to the state attorney general. Here’s the link for Florida’s AG. Please report WTMR to them early and often!

  2. Scam still going. Just received this in mail for second time.

    Is there anyway to find out who this is/ shut this down.

  3. I do not support these types of tactics, but it is YOUR DUTY to read. They have covered themselves left, right and center by CLEARLY STATING IN ALL CAPS: “THIS IS NOT A BILL. THIS IS A SOLICITATION. YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED….” If some fails to read and blindly writes checks or gives their credit card to pay every bill-looking solicitation they receive, without reading or questioning, then they deserve what is comes to them! Sorry! Read folks READ, it is not that difficult nor are you THAT busy!

  4. Dear sir/madame,
    I recently procured a Trademark for my performing and recording band. I rapidly received a letter from WTMR LLC requesting a $980.00 fee for registration, This smelled a bit like rotting garbage, so I did not reply – and won’t. These folks really need to explain their position to a judge. Thank you for your note.

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