Despite a persona as a celebrity/tabloid/reality star, Paris Hilton (or her advisors) knows a thing or two about trademarks.  I happened to catch her on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night while channel surfing and she brought up the fact that she had registered and protected her trademarks.  In today’s celebrity obsessed and media driven world, lots of people are famous for little more than being a celebrity and hanging around other famous people.  But Paris has perfected this, and she has shown that she is more than just a famous name and face, Paris Hilton is a brand and she is making money (probably a substantial amount) from it.

She owns several registrations for

And apparently her new catch phrase is “That’s Huge”.  Paris Hilton Claims ‘That’s Huge’ As Her Trademark Phrase

She understands that by “branding” herself and her catchphrases they become more than entertainment, they become potential money makers.  She has perfume, clothing, and jewelry attached to her name. Not to mention TV shows.

Being famous for being famous is one thing, but making money off your “brand” that is famous because your are famous is a talented feat and Paris Hilton has pulled it off, perhaps better than anyone else.

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