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Application for registration of a trademark in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ($1500 per application, plus USPTO filing fees
Includes: a basic search of the USPTO records, telephone and written responses to Office Actions, Refusals and Requests for Amendments and the entire trademark application process, including use of our proprietary software to monitor the status of the application daily. Costs such as mailing, copying, and telephone calls are included in the flat rates. The application fees do not include the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filing fee, generally $350 for each application, which will also be billed/charged now so that we may transfer it directly to the USPTO.

Comprehensive trademark search, analysis and report ($750)
(if chosen, the comprehensive search will be completed prior to proceeding with application)
Includes: search of federal, state, business, internet and domain name databases; written analysis by attorney.

Expedited services ($300)
Expedited applications are filed within 48 hours.
Expedited searches are completed with 5 business days.

Client understands that there are no guarantees regarding the success of Attorney’s efforts and Client authorizes Attorney to employ counsel, agents or experts on its behalf. The Client understands that any additional work requested by Client, such as Appeals, research, and renewals shall be billed at the hourly rate of $320.00 for time actually devoted to the service of Client, together with reimbursement for all expenses pertaining thereto.

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